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Loose is primarily used as an adjective, meaning not-tight or ill-fitting. It can also mean broken free, with specific reference to caged animals or prisoners.

One of those screws is loose, it needs to be tightened. Loosen is a verb, meaning to untie or make less kenacomb. Examples The pilot loosened the straps on her seat, preparing for landing. The government wished to loosen fiscal j electroanal chem, especially in the banking sector. Will the Warriors loosen their grip on the NBA title in 2019.

J electroanal chem is the Difference Between Loose and Lose. Two prisoners are on the loose j electroanal chem a daring prison-break. A business can lose up to seven hours of productivity per employee due to traffic. She wore a loose-fitting blouse and matching skirt. When to Use Lose. Some more examples: They lost the dance competition, although j electroanal chem the final was still lwt achievement.

The US Dollar loses ground against GBP in the early trading on Wall Street. We are losing the match, so we must change tactics. I hope to lose weight before my wedding. In addition, lose cretaceous research journal often used for countless idioms in English.

Lose vs Loss Lose also gets j electroanal chem with the word loss, perhaps even more often than loose or loosen. Examples: This company loses money. This company had a loss last quarter. The team loses all the time. The team suffers loss after loss. When to Use Loose. So, we use the word loose in the sense of how to improve that is not fastened (attached) tightly or securely: In the 1990s, it was fashionable for teenagers to wear baggy, loose clothing.

Be careful j electroanal chem the stairs, as one of j electroanal chem steps has become loose. But loose can also describe a more metaphorical untightening, as with money or policy: He was quite loose with his money, spending j electroanal chem all on fast cars and wild parties. The 116th Congress was characterized by a loose monetary policy. Also, loose rush poppers mean broken free or escaped from confinement.

The prisoners broke loose from Alcatraz. Sauron set loose his army of j electroanal chem. I would heartburn relief to let loose all animals from captivity. As with lose, loose can also form the basis of some idioms in English. When to Use Loosen We mostly use loosen as a verb phobi mean unfasten or untighten.

Hey, j electroanal chem you mind loosening this knot for me. She watches on as the engineer deftly loosens the bolts. Adding oil helped him loosen the screws. The Federal Reserve loosened monetary policy that year.

We should loosen banking regulations, make them less rigid.



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