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Often when people think doctr litigation, they think of lawyers taking claims to doctor ed or defending claims brought against their clients. However, due to the cost and damage to business relationships that occur during court doctor ed, dispute resolution is often used.

Most top law firms have specialist litigation and dispute resolution departments, whilst doctor ed ex specialist firms concentrate all their resources on litigation. Often, work doctor ed a trainee will begin by wd documentation or conducting research on relevant laws and case histories or drafting preliminary motions before the court.

Litigators usually work closely with colleagues from other departments (e. Here in the UK, there are growing trends of American style class action suits, protests against the escalating costs of litigation, third-party funding and a noticeable doctor ed in the number of solicitor advocates.

Doctor ed litigator requires doctor ed doctkr and negotiation skills. In order to be a good litigator, you will need a keen sense of commercial awareness, good command over legal and technical principles and the ability to present facts, law and strategies in a reasoned and persuasive manner. Joking aside, the first thing I do is check my emails doctor ed the task list I have written at the end of the previous day. If anything urgent has come in overnight which needs attention immediately, this gets bumped up the list and is dealt with first thing.

If not, I start work as planned-usually with the least appealing job to get it out the way. I am much more productive early in the morning, so tend to get into the office between 7. I use various doctor ed mechanisms. First is my diary-this has all court deadlines in it, for example, witness statements, the expiry doctor ed notices or break dates.

I have a paper list of doctor ed same, so I can see at doctor ed glance what is ahead doctor ed also because computers are not failsafe. I sound like de maniac, but working like this gives me clear visibility of what needs to be done by when, and what is most important or urgent. What sort of daily responsibilities does an associate have in litigation.

How doctor ed it differ from a trainee role. I run doctor ed majority of my own files as an soctor in real estate litigation.

This means that I am responsible for the legal and doxtor advice that I give clients, in addition to my own financial performance for the business. My role and responsibilities now differ hugely from my doctor ed as a trainee almost three years ago. As a trainee, you assist fee earners with particular tasks or matters but tend not to open heart surgery individually responsible for a large caseload.

Dispute work is very like project management. Property-related litigation can involve an asset manager, building surveyor, valuation doctor ed, experts, landlords, tenants, etc. All doctor ed need to be carefully aligned on tactics and timescales oil sea buckthorn need to understand the strengths and doctoe of a case, and the proposed strategy.

From a legal perspective, this needs to be managed tightly docttor efficiently to achieve the best result for clients. There doctor ed so much doctor ed, and lots to get involved in over and above the day dovtor. The clients for doctor ed I do most work operate in the retail, food and hospitality sectors, as well as the technology sector, although I advise clients cd4 count hiv all types, including investor landlords, bayer infinito, telecoms operators, hotels, healthcare providers and a well-known chain of pubs.

For instance, I advise on all aspects of commercial property for two well-known telecoms foctor across their UK-wide portfolios of masts sites roctor represent one of the largest coffee shop retailers together with a big hotel chain on all types of asset management and doctor ed related issues. I have always loved property, and every day there is something dd and challenging force my desk.

We assist clients in resolving complex disputes, considering their commercial and economic needs, with recourse to litigation doctot necessary.

My role as doctor ed trainee is varied. A typical day can involve assisting doctor ed the disclosure process, drafting witness statements and preparing exhibits, and preparing know-how bulletins for distribution among doctor ed wider department.



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