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Nichols using this word so frequently, even for examples sake. It does not seem completely necessary to get the point across. Despite these criticisms, there were a few points in his book I really appreciated him adding, for example, his few pages on the differences between how society thinks men are supposed to listen vs. He made sure to say how important it is to listen without these pre-supposed ideas in mind and he asked the right questions, and for that I want to say a big Thank You.

Overall, The Lost Art of Listening is an honest book that has helped me see how I listen, why I listen the way I do, and how I can improve the way I listen for future interactions. Sometimes it did feel a little slow for me, and I had to be patient with the reading of it but I am glad I stuck it out.

I think I am an OK listener (and even a good one in my better moments) but it's a skill I value in myself and in others so I am always happy to get great books to improve. And this is a pretty great book on the subject. This book really nails down every aspect of the listening process, and through multiple real life examples, drives each point home in a clear manner. I found myself paying much more attention to different dialogue dynamics going on around me, going through things in my head to speak in a less defensive way, truly pay attention to others and take on whatever criticism that comes your way without the knee jerk reaction.

We are so bad at listening these days, and I've been trying for years to improve my listening skills through various methods (exercises online, noting things down, practicing my memory, doing The Listening Program 15 mins sessions every day, DIDMBT.

I've been struggling with paying proper attention and listening to what other people say without putting it through my distortion filter where instead of taking what is said at face value I will interpret badly what the person means. This is well written and an easy read, and the observations provided in the book are very easy to relate to and to translate it into our own lives.

You will find yourself wanting everyone around you to read this book as well in the hopes they too, will improve on some key points. My partner has noticed the clear progress in my listening and overall interactions, so this is a real positive in my life. For many people out there, picking up this book might just avoid you running to the local psychologist for help in some spheres of you life, as it will bring you much needed insight and a new perspective on your behavior and the relationships around you.

I love reading self-help type books, and this one is probably the one that provided me with the most help. I'm now going to purchase the audiobook version as well so I can quickly get a second reading in and get the material to sink in even more. Report abuse Translate review to English5. See and discover other items: management communication, health record, record management, art collection, science communication, arts managementSign inNew customer.

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How should we prioritize the use of ARP and ESSER funds we receive to address COVID-19 related funds. The school year is underway, and these are just a few of the questions Superintendent Dr. Anna Stubblefield would like to hear your thoughts on during her upcoming Listening and Learning sessions. The sessions allow parents, students and the public to share their ideas and suggestions related to raising the bar of academic achievement for all students.

I also will leverage these sessions to get input on how we will allocate ESSER and ARP dollars. Translation services will be available, and masks will be required during the duration of the sessions. We look forward to your participation and feedback. Please Select an Option. ESI Board Policy Other District ESI InformationBoard Policies KCKPS is a Tobacco-Free District Notice of Non-DiscriminationPurchasing Department Information Online Vendor Registration All Solicitations Purchasing Forms (Staff Only) Staff Links Listening and Learning Tours with Dr.

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